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Domestic Help in Laos

Maids are available in Vientiane. Generally, new arrivals hire maids who worked for the previous occupants of their assigned homes, but there is no obligation to retain them. Newcomers are grateful to have some help immediately upon arrival. After a brief trial period of no more than three months, the maid and the employer must decide whether both wish to continue the arrangement. If so, they then negotiate terms of work and salaries agreeable to all parties. Salaries are reasonable by Western standards.

Maids can do most, if not all, the shopping for food and other items in the local markets. This, plus the hot climate and fairly active social life in Vientiane, makes maids a necessity. The number and type of maids employed depends upon your own needs and preferences, size of quarters, and the amount of entertaining you plan to do. Personnel without large representational responsibilities generally find that a combination maid/cook can handle house-cleaning, laundry, shopping, food preparation and small group entertaining. Extra help can be hired on an occasional basis for larger parties.

Most expatriate houses have gardens, so gardeners are recommended. The residents pay their salaries. Most homes have quarters designed for at least one servant; few, if any, live in, however, because the Lao Government regulations forbid the practice. Maids sometimes use the quarters during the day for eating, bathing and rest periods.





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