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Immigration - Work Permit in Laos

The employer will take care of the work permit, once you have 1 year work visa stamped (B2 visa) in your passport then it's easy to apply for work permit and resident card.

Obtaining the Laos work permit, documents needed are:

• passport;
• B2 isa (1 year visa);
• resident card;
• photos.

In order to obtain a B2 visa, first of all you would need to provide proof that you are employed in Laos. Your employer should provide all the necessary documentation. If you are in Laos, you would need to leave the country and re-enter again before they issue you a B2 visa. You then enter Laos with the the documents and submit them at the border crossings or international airports. The authorities would then issue you a B2 visa – you still have to pay a fee (costs the same as visa on arrival; $30).

After you have the B2 visa, then it's easy to apply for either a work permit or a resident card. The fee for a resident card is about $90 for the first time; the next time when you extent, the cost would lower to $60. The work permit costs about $240. On the whole, getting a 1 year work visa is quite straightforward, as long as you have a job in Laos.





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